domenica 25 gennaio 2015

Shoes and wine pairing? A mirror of the society!

Did you have ever had the chance to observe people making aperitive, look at what they drink and then look at their outfit, especially shoes? I did! But here comes a little bit of romance.
Ok, I can't say there is a mathematical correlation between what you wear and what you drink but some common underneath elements for sure:
Elegant business-man in black, just after work. They have never time to stop home and wear a pair of jeans, they come directly from the office. They are the worse. You know why? Because they are wearing a mask and you cannot understand how they really are. Multitude of facades. Many type of wines. Many type of drinks. Not too far away the chance they start directly with a cocktail to release the stress and reduce the "time-to-get-drunk" period, especially in the big busy cities. Or simply the time to get tipsy (softer view). Rarely you see them ordering with awareness of the facts. True. I am generalizing now. It's a story. Anyway, they drink it quite fast. Conclusion: there is no type of wine for this category (sometimes).
Elegant woman wairing a pair of high  heels #JimmyChoo shoes. Sophisticated, classical. Black (#Armani) coat, distinctive bearing. A Champagne chalice is what best suits her. Fine perlage, never-ending bubbles, persistent sparkling. She sips it calmly, the drink last quite long. Is this a stereotype of woman? Maybe. You might find her in a big and charming city, not common though. Her wine is the #Veuve Clicquot , no doubt on that. Or a #Franciacorta, in an easier connotaion. Croissant, bread crust, fragrant as the pefume she wears. It suits her like a #Chanel nr.5 would do. The #monterossaCabochon is spot-on. You imagine her on a top-roof bar in NY or Paris, or simply looking at the canal from a luxury hotel terrace in #Venice.

Ripped jeans, last autumn-winter collection of sneakers, alternative but attentive to details. They follow the trend and now the trend is to retrieve the "old-style", not only in the fashion world. Have you noticed how much we are getting back to old traditions? More and more people are fed-up of nouvelle cuisine and want to go back to simplicity. The same with wine. And we are actually assisting to the the "re-birth" to the #sur lie method (in Italy we call it #col fondo which literally means with the residual yeasts). With the natural bottle re-fermentation and no filtration, the wine obtains a natural, "rustic & country" flavor and it is exactly the same type of sparkling wine that our grandparents used to drink. #Costadilà #col fondo wine is now quite in vogue in Italy (#prosecco or #glera grape). I love also #Menti one, made with #garganega. Stefano Menti is an alternative and genuine fellow and he wants his wine to be "deliberately downgraded" (read my post on that if you are curious:,
And what about middle-class bourgeois entrepeneurs? They were a casual studied look. A nice pair of #Tods, a cashmere sweater  in winter which becomes a personalized (with the initials) shirt in spring and a #RLauren polo in summer. The like sailing or golf, they enjoy life staying with friends drinking and eating well, sometimes they become also "experts" in the field and they LOVE to show off their know-how. So here comes #AngeloGaja, a wine producer behind one of Piemonte greatest #Barbaresco. 

The final category is the one I prefer: the rebels. They live surrounded by studs, they love studs. Their colour is black, so their wine must be red. And the producer must me a rebel: #FulvioBressan. Read the story about him:

His pinot noir is atypical. White pepper and vanilla. Ripe fruit. From a rare and noble grape the Pignol 2001 has a great potential too. Served after oxygenation. woodlands undergrowth as well as with aromatic herbs. 

Ah, I forgot, don't you like #Berlusconi? Well, no doubt, go for #BartoloMascarello "I don't make wines with fantasy names. I don't make crus, I don't make wine in barriques, my wines don't have perfume of vanilla and Limousin oak. I'm the last of the Mohicans".
After spending his entire life in the vineyards, in his later years due to illness and obliged to stay in his office Bartolo became a sort of artist, designing his own wine labels. His most famous one is the "No Barrique No Berlusconi", nowadays a real collectors’ piece!!!

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