giovedì 2 ottobre 2014

Confrérie du Sabre d'Or

Last Friday I had the very funny chance to attend a wonderful dinner located in Jesolo, the seaside town close to Venice. The fish restaurant, "Da Guido", was very charming, in my opinion it will get the 1st Michelin star very soon. All the dinner was accompanied by loads of different Champagne, from starters to dessert, vintage, rosè, all types you could imagine. Why I said funny? Because the dinner was just an excuse to initiate new "candidates" to the "Confrerie du Sabrè d'or". Luckily the initiation ritual took place after having enjoyed the wonderful starters in the pleasant garden. Sushi, fresh gazpacho with prawn, oysters, miso soup, paired with some elegant Champagne which helped me a little bit to relax before sabreing the expensive fizz bottle in front of people I have never met, surprised that also a woman (I was the only one actually) wants to be part of such a unique club, the "Confrerie du Sabrè d'or". No worry, it wasn't the first time in my life :) but it was the first time with such a big golden knife. I normally use a kitchen one.
What are the tips?
1) you need to identify the seam that runs from the bottom to the top of the bottle. 
2) you have to tickle the neck, running it up and down the seam with some pressure, preparing the bottle for the final strike.” Always keep your striking wrist firm: it’s all about hitting the neck in one simple movement, like a golf swing. 
Enjoy the video :-) Do I look stressed?

After that I could enjoy with some proud; ;-), my dinner. A special mention to the Kamut spaghetti with sole and Champagne!

And what about the Champagne I had? The one which impressed me more was the Fallet Dart , made by a family of vignerons since 1610 who grow the grapes in a very vocated terroir "The Clos du Mont."


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