domenica 2 novembre 2014

Vivino: a wonderful application!

For those who are passionate of wines or those that simply want to discover a new field I strongly recommend Vivino, an app that gives you the possibility to surf into the wine world and get in touch with passionate users from all over the world. It's a sort of "wine advisor" but much more for people that really love wine and want to share their thoughts, their feelings, their opinions, their ideas, with the community. 
You upload your wine, assign a rating, give an indication of the price (not mandatory) and make a review of the wine itself and of the emotions it gave you overall. You share it with people and exchange opinions. It's really nice! Especially because you interact with people from different nationalities. I am really a passionate of byodinamic and less famous labels, so if you follow me you will find curious products!

Then, obviously, there is a rating that put you in aclassification, based on how many reviews you made, how many wines you have but especially on your actual contribution to the network. It's funny! You will enjoy it for sure!

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  1. very interesting! a different way to share and get in touch with people with your same passion!