domenica 14 settembre 2014

The Barbacarlo Rosso Riserva: a guarantee for emotions

I have a lot to write about my foodies adventures in Japan. I have a lot to write about wine tasting since I have written only about the visual part. I have a lot to write about Michelin and non-Michelin stars restaurant experiences... But I am very busy at the moment... even though I want to write down a snapshot of the wonderful experience I had thanks to one of the countless garage-wines I have tried. During a gourmet lunch in the Belluno hills in a very cosy village, Pois d'Alpago, close to the mountain and to the S.Croce lake. There, exactly there, yesterday I have had the joy to try the Oltrepò Pavese Rosso Riserva, the Barbacarlo produced by Lino Maga in the Broni hills of the Oltrepò Pavese area. I have tried the 1996 vintage.

They say that it's not possibile to have guided tours of the cellar. But I understand that, it's in the nature of garage-wine producers. That's why I will knock the door one day to visit him and I am sure I will visit it all. Barbacarlo is a natural wine, given to birth without the use of chemical products. It's made with the three grapes: croatina, vespolina, uva rara (the latter literally means "rare grape"). The re-fermentation takes place in the bottle, generating that natural foam of bubbles which can be more or less persistent based on the vintage! Since I tried the 1996, the sparkling was very delicate. I loved it. I loved it itself, even if the pairing with the different bites and versions of lamb meat was spot-on: not covering the meat taste with its light but indipendent personality. I have read it should reminds porcino (mushroom), musk and wet rock. I felt more the musk notes with a reasonbale persistent salinity. It emanated more perfumes at the end of the lunch after breathing for a while following years of aging. The chef applauded our wine choice. And we applauded him!


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