sabato 25 agosto 2012

Chicken with peppers

If you have a lot of peppers left from a party and chicken meat as well, try this receipt!
Cover with oliv oil a stewpan and cook slowly a leek that you have previously finely cut. Leave it on a low flame and let it browning. In the meanwhile cut into slices 2/3 small red peppers and 2/3 small yellow peppers, removing all the seeds. Add them to the leek and let them cook on a low flame. Add some black pepper, some sault and some balsamic vinegar. Every now and then add as well some vegetable stock to avoid that the ingredients get stucked to the pan. 
Grill the chicken in another pan until it gets very well-cooked (the ideal is to use chicken breast, even if I have used the thighs), since it's then easier to cut it into small pieces.
Once it is cooked remove it from then pan and cut it into small cubes. After that reposition them into the same pan, sprinkle some curry on (saffron could be a more italian alternative) and start to cook it again with some milk in order not to make it dry.
In the meanwhile boil some rice (basmati preferably).
Once everything is ready serve the chicken toghether with the peppers and a part some rice.
In order to decorate you could serve the rice inside some slices of peppers that you have laid aside for this purpose.

If you want to drink some wine a refreshing Riesling is good for complementing the full flavors of curry. The spice would be tamed, but the flavors would be enhanced not muted by the Riesling's well-balanced acidity. 

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