mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

Fish fish fish

The lake sturgeon is a very delicate and at the same time tasty fish and is one of the culinary "delicatessen" of the Treviso area, from the Sile river. The common sturgeon lives in the northern Atlantic waters, along the coasts, but also in the Mediterrean, in the North and in the Baltic Seas.
Given the environmental specificities of this area, this fhish acquires unique organoleptic traits
Well, how to cook it ? The ideal way is oven cooking. First, you shoudl fill it in with aromatic herbs like chives and rosemary and "what better suits your mood". After that, lay it on an oven dish which you have covered with some olive oil. If you wish, add also some garlic (keep it into pieces, it's just to give the "aroma") and the fish is ready to be baked. As side dish, you could prepare some baby potates, which you bake toghether with the fish (important to add some sault and a rich hanful of rosemary)
A good wine to combine with is the DOCG Gavi, from the Piemonte region in Italy. It is a dry wine, perfect for fish dishes. The taste is very fruity and and recalls somehow the almond. It's fresh and delicate, best to be served at 8-10 degrees.

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