sabato 26 aprile 2014

Champagne Beaufourt: just an emotion

In Champagne region there are hectares of vineyards. Most of them are of course the place where the most popular and international brands grapes are produced. Those magnificent Maison need for sure to be visited, for your personal culture. But to really understand the Champagne soul you need to step into the small villages out from Epernay and Reims giants. You need to knock the door of one of those intimate winemakers whose priority is still passion over business. And that's why I get to know Beaufort, an organic and byodinamic Champagne producer since 1969 when André (the "pioneer") discovered to be allergic to all synthetic products used in wine growing and decided to go towards a 100% natural approach using also aromatherapy and homeopathy principles. Going back to my experience I frankly remember such a genuine atmosphere on that August sunny day that I will never forget that long and at the same time quick wine tasting in the Beaufort simple "farmer kitchen". We set down at the table with another Italian guy owner of a restaurant in Milan who was there when we knocked the door. We tasted something like 10 Champagnes of different years (vintage ones) and I promise that even if it was in the morning and even if my stomach was totally empty I didn't have any sort of effect, being such a natural product. André son (Jacques) was so nice in explaining us about those wines despite of the language barrier (no French from our side, no Italian or English on his side :) ) and it was so evident his pure love with what he does every single day that words were not even necessary, just emotions in the air. The grapes grown by Beaufort family are Pinot Noir (to produce Blanc de Noirs) and Chardonnay (Blanc de Blancs). They own 6.5 hectares both, part in Polisy and part in Ambonnay,
If I had to summarize the impression I got from his wines I would say that at the nose they are very mineral and fragrant, the perfume is not aggressive. Then, when it opens, you can smell very delicate fruits and flowers. The wine is sparkling but not exploding, its "bubbles" are very elegant and "polite". The taste is really special: at the beginning it's very fresh, slightly sour. Then it opens as it did with my nose, it's less shy and it reveals all its power!

There is only one defect in this wine: you would never stop drinking it!

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