giovedì 1 maggio 2014

Vincent Bliard: thank You

Third generation of Champagne wine makers in Hautvillers village, close to Epernay. In this small corner of the world you will find peace and at the same time a "vibrating" atmosphere. The word "crowded" here has no space to exist. The vibration is just inside. No cafeterias, no touristic places. Narrow streets, almost deserted, lined with those stone houses where genuine Champagne farmers spend their life between the vineyards and the cellar, to grow up since the very beginning a product that will be a pleasure for all those who are passionate about Champagne and nature. Hautvillers counts more (or less) 30 families of winemakers. Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot Meneur are the grapes they are dedicated to. No attempt to grow any other grape variety in the Champagne reason. And that is the reason of their uniqueness. They do the things, they do it well and they are happy with that and grateful to such a generous terroir.
Gong back to where I started from: Vincent Bliard, recoltant manipulant, those who makes wine from the grapes they grow themselves.
They started in 1970 to grow grapes with organic method, not making use of any synthetic material. The grandfather started with this natural approach which has then been carried out by the following generation. Now Vincent and Marie run the "business" if business can be called (Marie is in the kitchen, Vincent oversees the harvest). In their 50s they show such an energy which is the proof that doing something you love keeps you young and alive in the spirit.
We "knocked the door" as usual during a fresh August morning. Vincent was in the cellar. He welcomed us and we had the chance to spend an hour with him, very fluent in English, so communication was not preventing us from deepening our knowledge in what we believe is the finest art of the world.
About wines! Their Grand Reserve is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunieur. A mix of perfumes to the nose: apple and white peach, fruit. Fragrant and mineral. What you feel with the nose is then confirmed when you taste it. A plain, complete, well balanced wine. And about brut rose? Again long tirage process on the yeast. Again manual remuage on pupitres. Again an elegant wine with strong personality. Great great great. Here the white fruit leave space for red fruit delicate notes but also to some light citrus fruit scent. Chapeau!
A picture I took of Vincent and his father!

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