domenica 11 maggio 2014

The Mascareta in Venice: "no se brut se no se fa el rut"

Mauro Lorenzon is simply crazy . Many people start to know him after his participation to the last episode of the Italian Masterchef TV program but I have heard about him much before and few years ago I went to visit his restaurant in Venice which is pretty much an "Osteria" (=tavern) rather than a real restaurant. I came back again yesterday evening and ... What to say?it's pretty much an experience rather than a dining moment...
We entered and we sat at the table in front of the counter facing a wall full of wines. We relied on him and went through the whole menu' of the day, starting from the famous "sarde in saor", to go on with fish risotto and go on and go on... Food was great; also it's peculiar that they cook the rice in a huuuuge pan in the room where you are sitting and they then serve it to all the people. But food is less important there. There it comes first Mauro who with his gags and aphorisms entertains you all the night long telling you stories and serving you litres and litres of wine. He opened I can't remember how many bottles of Italian autochthonous wines, from Prosecco up to Ribolla from Gravner producer. All naturals, without sulphites, biodinamic.
"I have no cash but only liquidity" is one of his preferred phrase, with liquidity referring to all his wines bottles.
And then many other that unfortunately I can't translate in English because they are in Venetian dialect and would lost of sense...
But even if you do not understand Italian you would enjoy and laugh with this character wearing always one shoe different from the other one.
It's a unique experience, to do it undoubtedly but maybe not too many times if you want to avoid your liver insurgency!

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