domenica 4 maggio 2014

Prosecco sur lie Biondo Jeo

Today I speak about Biondo Jeo, another natural wine I have tasted which is made as it was by our grandpas. The grapes must stays on its skins for 12/18 hours and then it's poured into steel container where the fermentation with indigeneous yeast starts. Several pourings follow. During spring period the bottling takes place inducing a natural re-fermentation inside the bottle. The wine is not filtered after it.
The colour is not brilliant as we could imagine. It's slightly murky, it's shady. It's a vibrating plain straw yellow.
The taste reminds the bread crust.
The smell reminds mature fruit.

The family run company is located in Monfumo, in the Asolo hills. They welcomed us during a winter sunny holiday day and we had the chance to taste few of their wines even though they were not prepared for visits. Their cellar looks very artesanal. They produce wine in their 4 hectars and sell it locally mainly. And that's keeps it special.

What I love about it is that it's perfectly digestible! The motto is: drink how much you can!

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