martedì 20 maggio 2014

Champagne Charles de Casanove: family of glass makers?

Again with Champagne. Again with friends. In my opinion is the best wine to drink with good people because it's just relaxing with its light deep fragrancy. Last week I tried the Vieille France, of Charles de Casanove. We bought this bottle during our trip in Champagne in a small wine boutique and we waited for the right occasion to drink it.
This Champagne is made as both Vintage and Non-Vintage (NV). We drunk a Vintage 2004 bottle, 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir.
As usual, when I drink something new I can't wait for looking into the web some story about it and from what I get I understand if it's the wine which suits my personality. Honestly it's 50%. I didn't like so much their web page and how they approach the consumer. It looks somehow commercial. But I found the story and their long tradition interesting to communicate. In 1811,Charles Gabriel De Cazanove, a young man from a family of glassmakers, founded his own Champagne House in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. It was his son, Charles Nicolas, who contributed most to the growth of the brand, applying his botanical knowledge to the fight against phylloxera.
On the death of Charles Nicolas in 1903, his sons Franck and Joseph passed the business on to the following generations.
Nowadays, Maison de Cazanove is a special partner to the “Comédie de Reims” theatre and it is associated with artistic projects, cinema and music.
I looked into the web some reviews to understand if my sensations of creamy notes of butter and brioche were right and .... I found this interesting video which I recommend:

Enjoy and ... Drink it!

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