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Kosher wine from Venice

Do you know what Kosher wine is?
I didn't before I start to be involved into a project of Kosher products. I am not a Jewish, I need to say. But getting to know their world I got fascinated, especially about the relationship they have with food. They have rules to follow, both in WHAT they eat and in HOW they eat. When I say HOW is because all what they eat need to follow Kosherut principles, need to be "idoneous". I am not going to enter into much detail, it's a too vast field and honestly I am not an expert about. But I would like to focus on wine. What's Kosher wine?
To be considered kosher, a Sabbath-observant male Jew must be involved in the entire winemaking process from the harvesting to bottling. All ingredients must be kosher. When kosher wine is mevushal (מבושל—"cooked" or "boiled"), it will keep the status of kosher wine even if subsequently touched by an idolater.
Mevushal wine is frequently used in kosher restaurants to allow the wine to be handled by non-Jewish waiters.

The process of fully boiling a wine kills off most of the fine "must" and can alter the tannins and flavors of the wine. Therefore, great care is taken to satisfy the legal requirements while exposing the wine to as little heat as necessary.
Recently, a process called flash pasteurization has become more common. This method rapidly heats the wine to the desired temperature and immediately bring it back to room temperature with minimal effect on flavor.
If you are curious to see with your eyes what this process is about, just visit the webpage and you will find a super interesting video on that!
Banco Rosso is a company founded in Venice by an Italian guy, whose branch is located in the heart of the Jewish ghetto area. Their kosher wines are really interesting products. They have white, red and sparkling! All process is certified by the Head of the Venice Jewish community, a young man with lots to teach. I had the luck to meet him few times and I have learnt a lot about a new world which was completly unknown to me!
Unkuckily he will leave Venice very soon for a new mission around the world!

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  1. This are very fascinating facts! Wine is always an interesting topic. Not only because of its luxurious taste but with the story behind it, just like this Kosher wine. And how amazing it is that you had the opportunity to learn all about it! I think wine research is also very important in events, such as weddings, so you know what wine goes well with the food you plan to serve at the reception. Good foods and great wines makes for a happy wedding celebration. Cheers!

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine

  2. That's totally true! The story behind a wine makes it special!