domenica 25 maggio 2014

Moreno Cedroni and onions

Who is Moreno Cedroni? If you surf few minutes you soon step into his web page and discover that he is the
2 Michelin stars chef that has brought an avant-gardist spirit to the Italian cuisine. He opened when he was 20 the restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, he introduced an innovative way of reinterpreting raw fish, bla bla bla... And now I stop to copy from Internet and I tell my story. I met him in Prague. Un-interesting to say I was there for a business trip and I had the luck to share a nice dinner with him, guest of the Kenwood stand at the Prague food festival. He came to make some shows and cook in front of Czech people, the Italian language translated by a blondie girl. Very funny!you know, when you cut onions they do not make you cry in reality but THEY are crying 'cause you hurt them when you don't cut properly... And if Cedroni states that you can't do anything else rather than believe him. I have tried his "ravioli alla carbonara" and some saulty focaccia with a Corallo chocolate mousse. I will definetly visit his restaurant to discover more!and more!and more!

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