giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Genuine winemakers: Klinec

If you have the chance to make a trip to Slovenia, just after crossing the border of Italy have a stop over at this homestead, located in the Brda region, in Medana village. They cultivate with a biodanimic farming philospoy local grapes variety in more than 5 hectars. Their wines mature on its lees in cherry, acacia, oak and mulberry barrels. During my lunch at their cosy restaurant (I had the fortune to eat outside with a wonderful view of the vineyard) I have tried Ribolla, locally called "Rebula", a wine with a good acidity well balanced by a fruity taste. Its plain yellow colour well reflect its "maturing" phase on the nobles lees and the lack of filtering practices. Useless to say they add just a minimal dose of  sulphur dioxide, always in line with their respect for nature and organic principles.
We bought some bottles to bring at home and drink during relaxed evenings (no special occasions needed), in order to try all the grapes types (so vicious we are ;-) ).
One of those is the Quela of 2007, a blend of Merlot (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, matured in cherry wood barrels. I have to say it's not an immediate wine. At the beginning is quite difficult to recognize its perfumes, but when its bouquet starts to emanate all its elements you can recognize (for my nose) cherries, prunes, some toasted notes, chocolate. It's quite persistent and it's perfect with "well-aged" cheeses.
I am curios to try all the other ones and also to retry the Rebula.
The people here are charming with their simplicity. Aleks and his wife run the business in such a genuine way that as soon as you arrive there you feel like at home. Then you start to drink and chat with them and you confirm your first impression. We visited the cellar and we just sat down enjoying the sunshine and learning again that "Passion in life is everything".

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