giovedì 8 maggio 2014

A first class juice of Max and Raf

"An Italian food lover's paradise": all products fashioned by Max and Raf Alajmo for use in their restaurants. What else?
This Blueberry nectar made of minimum 50% of pure blueberry juice is I-DEAL to start the day! And it's also A DEAL! Blueberries are full of antioxidant! They are high in fibers and Vitamin C! They are tasty!
Those are even branded by Max and Raf Alajmo. When you go to eat at Le Calandre restaurant you understand that eating sometimes is not just feeding yourself but is living an emotion. Is something about aspect, perfume, colour, shape, movement and finally taste. Try to read their book, "Fluidità", and you will understand why.
And when you start the day with this philosophy it means you take it right!

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