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Austrian wines: Frauwallner volcanic Chardonnay

Wines that I love are normally those whose producer you hardly find in Internet. Are those made with organic method by simple people. Are those with not such big numbers. Wines that I normally love are Italian. Also French because I am passionate for Champagne. But if you are a real wine passionate you need to try (because you want) even wines you feel less emphatic with. You know what!? I don't have a great sympathy for Germans and Austrians. I feel them superior and sometimes "cold people". I feel they get on well with their Ice Wines, not because they are sweet but because they are made during winter season when the grapes concentrate all the sugar after icing. But for sure I am wrong: generalizing stereotypes would mean that I am narrow-minded, which I don't think so! That's why I have tried this Austrian wine and I wish to visit those places surely to discover an interesting world. The 

Frauwallner has been making wine for three generations. They grow grapes of the Styria volcanic vineyards area and the process is held with a nature-oriented approach. 

CLASSIC "f" = fine I fruity I finessig

This is their motto!

And their mission is to give pleasure!

What else?

I have tried the Morillon 2013 (Chardonnay). Elegant wine with fruity notes. Different from usual Chardonnay I have found the perfumes more oriented to the citrus ones that to exotic notes generally common to this grape variety.

It's a a balanced wine, sapid-savory, mineral. A plain body, 12,5% of alcohol, smoothed out by an elegant freshness. In my opinion is a good mate of fish plates. In this case, being a Chardonnay from a colder climate, less exotic and more citrus, is ideal for shellfish and in general more delicate flavors. 


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