venerdì 6 giugno 2014

An alternative to Prosecco

Most of the people know very well Prosecco, not only in Italy but also abroad, becoming a fashionable "drink" which honourably compete with Champagne thanks to its easy bubbles.
But who knows Verdisio? I bet that the majority of the people not living around Treviso area (north of Italy) do not know this wine, produced by the "verdisio" grape in the hills of Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto and Valdobbiadene (Treviso province). But I can assure you that it has the same dignity :-)
It's existence dates back to long time ago, since its installation was imposed to the community of the Follina Abbey already in 1788.
It's a strong grape, adaptable to different types of soils which gives birth to light wines with a dry taste recognizable for its slighty acidulous characther (it reminds a very green apple) and a sligthly bitter aftertaste.
Wine produced with verdisio can be still, sparkling and sweet.  But the most common one is in my opinion the sparkling one!
It's curious to know that in the past the wine making process was used to combine verdisio grape with other two local varieties: the famous prosecco and the less famous "bianchetta". The wine made by this blend was locally called the "White wine of the hills" ("Il vino bianco dei colli").

I would recommend to drink the sparkling version as aperative, with light starters especially  with shellfishes. The still             version is ideal with first courses, like a seasonable veggy risotto, like for example some pasta with cherry tomatoes and       prawns. 
 I strongly suggest to try the "Gregoletto" Verdisio, laying "on its yeast". It's definitely a pleasant and natural wine, for real amateurs, whose re-fermentation process occurrs spontaneously. Bottles are closed with crown caps, the best way to preserve it.
Drink and enjoy it!

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