domenica 8 giugno 2014

Pairing Dr Martens to ... Clos des Amandiers 2007

Should we pair wine only with food? And what about pairing it with our mise and particolarly with our shoes?
Let's start from Dr Martens, one of the most iconic shoes in the world, born in Germany by creator Klaus Martens, the classic boot has been the footwear for rebellious youth culture and has never lost its cool aura and divisive style.
If you are so "alternative" to wear a pair of Dr Martens even in your 30s or 40s the best wine to drink is an agressive one, rich in tannins but also contradictory: try Clos des Amandiers 2007 one of the most tannic white wines on the earth. It's made from the Rkatziteli grape. It's a wine with caracther, which is all coming from its production method, typical if Georgians: long maceration followed by a maturation process in amphoras. Its yellow colour tends to the orange and the nose is firstly impacted by light oxidised notes, which gradually lessen themselves.
The hard impact is given by the strong tannins which apparently are quite difficult to cope with but can be smoothed out if you sip a glass of this wine while eating a succulent plate, creating the perfect harmony!

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