giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Vin de garage: Fabrizio Priod

It's interesting when you get to know wines which are produced by people who do it for passion, just for it. People that decide to start their adventure in wine-making just because they have a love for something that they consider special. Professional doctor, Fabrizio Priod, started the "business" in the year 2000 (if business can be defined) as an hobby; dedicating to it his free time. He loves wine&food travelling, photography and viticulture. And he has become one of the so called “vins de garage” producer.
His father left him some vineyards located in Issogne, in the Valle d'Aosta region (lower valley), which he started to take care about, producing his own-labeled bottles. Everything is about natural methods, autoctonous grapes, terroir, niche production . Using the potential of the territory where grapes are grown he creates special wines, expression of simplicity but at the same time extensive quality: the Beaucqueil (the name derives from the brook Beaucqueil name), a very pleasant wine with around 30% of Nebbiolo grapes plus other autoctonous varieties (dolcetto, freisa, cornalin, mayolet & neyret). It's interesting to know that Nebbiolo is locally called "picoutener" which means "from the soft skin", being this a charachteristics of its grapes; the Rouge Tonen, precious nectar coming from a single-variety vinification process of merlot.  
Both in vineyard and in cellar the techniques used are exclusively natural: no to weed killers, no to insecticides, no to fungicidal treatments, unless they are coherent with integrated pest control.
About the taste it’s up to you and Your taste. Full body wines for sure, both of them. I wouldn’t recommend them during an hot August night but they are more suitable to be paired with meat and quite "strong" plates (meat, seasoned cheese). Even though,

my usual recommendation  is to drink them firstly alone, to make your own idea without food interference. And to not have any prejudice because each bottle is unique and can be different from another one!



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