lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Costadilà: the "glou glou" wine

The Costadilà "farm" is located in Tarzo, Treviso province, in the Costa di là suburb, where just few souls live.
It's the tipical Prosecco terroir!
The owners are Mauro Lorenzon (already mentioned in my posts) and Ernesto Cattel: they gave birth to this initiative in order to "restore" the old-style wine, using organic growing methods and cellar techniques.
Their must is the Prosecco sur lie but in this post I am going to describe their "Bianco dei colli trevigiani", a white wine, made using the indigenous grapes Prosecco (Glera), Bianchetta and Verdisio. The wine-making process involves maceration on the skins for 7 days and fermentation at not controlled temperature with indigenous yeast. The "refining" on the lees last 5 months. The "prise de mousse" takes place with spontenous fermentation inside the bottle (as per tradition) with its own yeast and sugars and last 3 months. Just a minimal quantity of sulphuric anhydride is added.

The wine has a fragrant taste (bread crust) and a mineral note. Due to the production process it has as well a slightly bitter aftertaste.
How to pair it? It's a "glou glou" wine :-) But also ideal during ordinary meals as "table wine". It's very fresh, so perfect in the hot season!

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  1. Interesting wine, where is the company exactly located?

  2. I love fresh wines and would love to taste it! wait for me to come back in July!!!